Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here we go..

       My entire goal in this venture is to get my own thoughts in order, to share those same thoughts and grow in the learning of the views and thoughts of others. This journey through life is an interesting thing indeed and I tend to believe I am not the only one that gets lost in the mass flow of diversity and choices available to us in this modern age we live in, with its steady stream of available info, data and marketing strategy. Let’s face it, it gets difficult to wade through things and find real information in a way that everyone can grasp. Most assuredly nothing is to be found without an under lying agenda. I have no time or respect or frankly tolerance for anything that comes at me as Holiest of Holies attitude in anything. Most of what I put here will probably be of Spiritual and Holistic nature mingled with Gardening and Jewelry design. I belong to several on line blogs and forums.. Some are great.. some, well they speak so far above  every ones heads we are not sure what they are talking about, then have the audacity to give attitude if you dare ask for clarification  and others  just need to close down and go away. But that is neither here nor there. Everyone will find a place they are comfortable in where the flow of communication is open and beneficial. I just have not really found that, at least not yet.  So here I am, Welcome to my lil cranny of the blogging cosmos.  

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